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As at least my fellow European Atarian's know, numerous Atari 8 bit meetings have been and are still being organized in Europe. I've been to the last Unconventional, all Fujiama's (except 2009) and all NOMAM meetings. My first H.A.T.Z. was the H.A.T.Z. XII. I've been to every H.A.T.Z. since then. All these meetings start on Friday and end on Sunday. Except for the Fujiama. It used to start on Friday, but since 2014 it starts on Thursday. The Fujiama replaces both the Unconventional and the Scheiersgrün meeting. If you look at the pictures, please remember that the Fujiama is held in either July or August, which means it can be hot sometimes. As most of these pictures are not mine, I'm just gonna put some up here to wet your appetite. The rest of the pictures can be found by clicking on the links. I'ld love to say: "I hope you have as much fun watching the pictures as we had during the meetings", but you can't really beat the real thing. So come and join us if you're ever in the neighborhood.

BTW NOMAM stands for "Not Only Magnificent Atari Machines" and has nothing to do with Al Bundy's "No Ma'am". Women are more then welcome. It's location can change each year, but will always be held in the northern part of Germany.

General information pages for the Fujiama and Nomam.

Let's start with some pictures that will give you an overall impression:

Since it's midsummer when the Fujiama is being held, sleeping outside is an option. But you'll have to bring your own tent. Sleeping in your car, inside the building or in a local hotel are other options. For all but the hotel option, you need to bring the stuff you need to sleep, your own towels (the building has a shower which we can use), etc.

The Schützenhaus is the building on the left. We've used the left part of it, since the right part was getting too big. But since attendance increased a lot over the last few years, we're using the big room again. And sometimes, even that one isn't big enough.

The cars on the parking lot are the cars of the attendees. If you look real good, you can see the tents from the picture above through the small trees.

Here's a picture taken on the other side of the Schützenhaus, towards the village of Lengenfeld.

Sometimes, breakfast looks like this.

And sometime, breakfast looks like this.

Some pictures of what it looks like when we're not just talking about Atari 8 bit computers.

Saturday evening means: "Sausages from the grill".

The NOMAM Fritztown 2008 and 2009 were held inside a school building.

Mainly here, in the Mensa.

Here are two list that might come in handy if you either want to organize or visite a meeting:

What do I need if I want to organize an Atari meeting:

What do I need to take with me, if I want to visit an Atari meeting?:

More stuff might get added if experience tells us we missed something.

Here are some group pictures of previous meetings

Dates and locations of future meetings can be found below the group pictures.

Fujiama 2006

From left to right:

Standing in the back: Bunsen, R.I.K., Mr. V., Wizard, Mathy, atarixle, PLatari, dl7ukk, cas, Anke (dl7ukk's wife), Schmutzpuppe's brother, Schmutzpuppe, Zdenek B., Schmutzpuppe's son.
Front row: Bohdan, Krupkaj, Beetle, Pepax, Sleepy.

Here are some pictures by Krupkaj.

Fujiama 2007

From left to right:

Sleepy, atarixle, Deyta (Beetle's son), Beetle, Vasco and his wife, BigBen, dl7ukk, Alexandra (dl7ukk's daughter), Mathy, Anke (dl7ukk's wife), Mr. V., AndreasB, HARdwareDoc, FloppyDoc, Uncle Harry, cas, Bob!k , Pepax, Raster

NOMAM Fritztown 2008

From left to right:

Standing in the back: mega-hz, HARdwareDoc, ZX81Amiga, BigBen, Kratznagel (C64), Mathy, Sheltem (C64), Daffy (C64), Dietrich, remaxx (C64), Stefan_Ki (Atari ST), GoodbyteXL, Beetle, tfhh.
Front row: Tuxie, Ghost, cas, Yellow_Man, Bunsen, u0679

FloppyDoc chose to hide behind Daffy.

Fujiama 2008

This is a DivX movie made at the Fujiama 2008. They shot the item on Friday, while I arrived at Saturday, really, really, really early. Since all this was shot for German television, everybody speaks German. But a lot of us speak English too. Unfortunately, we didn't have visitors from the Czech Republic, like we usually have, this year.

No video? Get the DivX Web Player for Windows or Mac

The movie was made by Hit-TV.

Ok, video is back. Now all I have to find out is why the video will play in Camino and Firefox, but not Safari.

NOMAM Fritztown 2009

From left to right:

Standing: Sheltem (C64), GoodbyteXL, Tuxie, Bunsen, skriegel, Sleepy, Anke (dl7ukk's wife), Mathy, Alexandra (dl7ukk's daughter), dl7ukk, thorsten_guenther, Dietrich, Beetle, HARdwareDoc, Bille, BigBen, mega-hz.

Sitting: Cash, Yellow_Man

u0679 isn't in the picture, because he was taking a short nap in his car.

Fujiama 2009

Since my birthday is on the 17th of July, I couldn't be at the Fujiama 2009, which was held from the 17th until the 19th of July 2009.

Here is the link to krupkaj's pictures.

NOMAM Laboe 2010

From left to right: Cash, Zaxxon-HH, montezuma, Dietrich, thorsten_gunther, u0679, Goodbyte_XL, dl7ukk, Mathy, Sleepy, Alexandra, Yellow_Man, Anke, Retr0fan, Sheltem, FloppyDoc, Bunsen, HARdwareDoc, m0n0, skriegel, BigBen.

Here is the link to Bernd's pictures

The Fujiama 2010

BigBen has volunteered to be sponsor the difference in price between the small and the big room. But since we had over 60 people visite this year, space, even in the big room, was getting tight. As usually, there were some improvement to the building done over the last year. Hence the ramp you see in the picture below.

From left to right: Wolfgang (president of the ABBUC), Marga (our first lady), dl7ukk, mega-hz, Anke (dl7ukk's wife), FloppyDoc, R.I.K., Dietrich, Sleepy, Montezuma, u0679, Mathy, Bunsen, mp-one, norbert, Yellow_Man, Matti1104, JAC!, cas, mr-waseo, Deyta (Beetle's son), HARdwareDoc, Wizard, BigBen, Rockford, Fabian, atarixle, thorsten_guenther, skr.

Missing on the picture are: GoodbyteXL and his wife, Alexandra (dl7ukk's daughter), Beetle (who had an unfortunate encounter with gravity while riding his powered mega skateboard (the thing with the yellow tires on the picture) and had to visit a doctor), Mr.V (because he knows which doctor's in office), Smeilie (Beetle's daughter), Raster, Fandal, Pepax and Zdenek (they arrived later that day), Tuxie and two friend (who only visited us on Saturday), Schmutzpuppe (same as Tuxie I guess), Artax and Uncle Harry (they came in later), nilquader (Schneider CPC), Insane (Spectrum), andreasb. Looks like I forgot some names. I'll add them later.

Here are the links to atarixle's, norbert's rockford's and Bernd's pictures.

The NOMAM 2011

... was held from April 15th until 17th. Again at the school in Friedrichstadt. Schleswiger Str. 29, 25840 Friedrichstadt, Germany

Top row: Zaxxon-HH, Montezuma, Bunsen, HARdwareDoc, skr
The rest: BigBen, u0679, Zaxxon-HH's wife, (the guy in the black T-shirt is) Mathy, Anke, dl7ukk, Alexandra, Sleepy, Yellow_Man, Smeilie, Deyta, thorsten_guenther, FloppyDoc and behind him Beetle, Sheltem, GoodbyteXL.

The Fujiama 2011

Top row: Wizard, mega-hz, mr-waseo, Hias, Dietrich, mp-one, matti1104, Zdenek, HARdwareDoc, Joanna (Montezuma's wife), Montezuma, black_byte, Artax, Holgibo, norbert, Ektus, nortobor, JAC!, GoodbyteXL, Florian D., 1NG, Lucky, flowerking, Ghost, thorsten_guenter, ??, Anke, Beetle, ??, Insane, u0679, Bohdan, Fabian
Bottom row: atarixle with cat, BigBen, Mr. V. (our host), Mathy, dl7ukk, cas, Sleepy, Deyta, Bunsen, skr, Yellow_Man and one of his two dogs, SkateGirl (formerly known as Smeilie), Alexandra (with the second one of Yellow_Man's dogs).

Maybe next year the group picture will be better.

The NOMAM 2012

The NOMAM 2012 was held at the building of the Elmshorner Computer Club, Königstraße 36a, 25335 Elmshorn, Germany. The meeting took place from the 27th 16:00 hours until the 29th of April 2012 15:00 hours.

Top row, left to right: 1NG, thorsten_guenther, Zaxxon-HH, Mathy
Second row: Sheltem, arcadestation, Yellow_Man, HARdwareDoc, janatari, BigBen
Bottom row: seaman, Sleepy, u0679, one of Yellow_Man's dogs

The H.A.T.Z. XII

After a seven year brake, the H.A.T.Z. meeting toke place again this year. The H.A.T.Z. XII was held from the first until the third of june 2012 in Hochstetten - Dhaun, Hunsrück, Germany. We started on Friday, 12 minutes after noon and ended around noon on Sunday. Kaisersoft rented a location at these coordinates: 49.814371, 7.49175. The H.A.T.Z. didn't take place in the gym itself, but in a room below it. Kaisersoft made sure that there is an ample supply of liquid stuff. And not all their names end with "Beer". Since it rained practically all weekend, we didn't have sausages from the grill. Pizza and other services were close by, as were supermarkets (which aren't open on Sunday). Read: We ordered pizza and Chinese food.

Show larger map

Top five, left to right: Uncle_Harry, Wizard, Artax, Sleepy, Sven
Bottom five: R.I.K., Tigerduck, Mathy, Florian D., Tron04

Two pictures of "Schloss Dhaun"


We had Nutella for breakfast. And other stuff.

And a picture to show that we did something useful. :-)

The Fujiama 2012

The Fujiama 2012 was held from August 10th until 12th.

Skriegel shot this time laps movie. A picture was taken every 10 seconds, from the start to sometime on saturday.

Atari 8 Bit Meeting "Fujiama 2012" from Sascha Kriegel on Vimeo.

Top rows, left to right: GoodbyteXL, mp-one, Ulrike, BigBen, HARdwareDoc, black_byte, Yellow_Man, Mathy, Wizard, Montezuma, Uncle_Harry, Artax, krupkaj, Rockford/Holgibo, twh, Dietrich, flowerking, Zdenek, Lucky, thorsten_guenther, atarixle, Frank S., FloppyDoc, raZen, Fabian, 1NG, JAC!, Frank S.' daughter, ??, Deyta, Tigerduck, ??, Insane, Norbert, cas, Wolfgang
Bottom row: Bohdan, Mr. V., dl7ukk, Anke, 8bitjunkie, matti1104, mr-waseo, Florian D., SkateGirl, Frank S.' son, u0679, skr, Alexandra.

The NOMAM 2013

The NOMAM 2013 was held from Friday April 5th until Sunday April 7th.

It was held at the "Gemeindehaus" in the "Dreifaltigkeits-Kirche Kücknitz", Schlesienring 1, 23569 Lübeck. The building is at the corner of Westpreußenring, Pommernring and Schlesienring. This is what it looks like from above.

An entrance fee of 10 euro included breakfast (Atari meetings style, see pictures above) on Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the day, we ordered food from pizza parlors and we visited a Greek restaurant Saturday afternoon (this was ofcourse not included in the price). You can find the pictures here.

From left to right (skipping the guys with the strange computer for a moment): Zaxxon-HH, Fratzengeballer, Yellow_Man and one of his two dogs, Montezuma, Dietrich, thorsten_guenther, HARdwareDoc, Alexandra, dl7ukk, Mathy, Bunsen, seaman, 1NG, FloppyDoc, Sleepy, BigBen. Lying on the ground: u0679, man with the strange computer in his hands: ArcadeStation.


The H.A.T.Z. XIII was held from 14:00 o'clock (2PM for those living on the west side of the Atlantic) on Thursday the 30th of May until 14:00 o'clock on Sunday the 2nd of June. The meeting was held in Kellenbach. The Sportlerheim can be found here 49.850229, 7.488381. R.I.K. choose this location over the one on Hochstetten-Dhaun, since this one has a shower we can use. It came in handy because we're already started on Thursday.

Show larger map

This is what the Sportlerheim looks like. The showers were downstairs. The meeting toke place upstairs.

Here, FloppyDoc (see "Atari 1050 goes green") is talking to Artax and Uncle Harry (developers of the SIO2USB). In the back you'll find Lucky and Holgibo.

Here we are playing "Montagsmaler". It was a show years ago on german television, where out of a group of people, one person would draw something and the rest would have to guess what (s)he drew. We used a touch tablet and connected two screens to the computer. One via the monitor port, the other via the RF port. We had lots of fun.

Left to right: Tigerduck, Mathy, Lucky, Sleepy, FloppyDoc, Holgibo, R.I.K.

The Fujiama 2013

The Fujiama 2013 was held from August 16th until 18th.

Thanks to HARdwareDoc, who made this MIDI interface, we were able to play MIDI Maze.

Opposite side of the table: HARdwareDoc, BigBen, Skr, thorsten-guenther, Frank S., Wizard.
This side of the table: Dietrich, Montezuma, Yellow_Man, 1NG, Ektum.

BTW in the picture we're not quite ready yet.

For some reason, we were unable to find out, why ektum's ST didn't seem to be compatible with the rest of the MIDI ring.

Top row, left to right: Norbert O., Wolfgang, Holgibo, Montezuma, BigBen, Dietrich, Frank S.' son, HARdwareDoc, Alexandra, 1NG, SkateGirl, Beetle, Frank S., Wizard, GoodbyteXL, Artax, mp-one, Anke, Lucky, Mr.V., patjomki, Uncle Harry, Pauly, Gosia (the wife of Skudi), dl7ukk, Mathy, Fandal.
Second row, left to right: skr, thorsten_guenther, Insane, cas, twh, Jac!, Zdenek, atarixle, Yellow_Man, FloppyDoc, Bohdan.
Third row, left to right: Yellow_Dog One, Yellow_Dog Two.

Missing from the picture, for whatever reason: Sabine (cas' wife), Frank S.' daughter, Skudi (from Poland), Wolfgang's wife, GoodbyteXL's wife, Ektum, tww, 8bitjunkie, Alphons K., Norbert.

The NOMAM 2014

The NOMAM 2014 was held from April 25th 13:00 o'clock (that's 1 PM for you West-Atlanticians) until the 27th around 15:00 o'clock. Location was the same as last year, Dreifaltigkeits-Kirche Kücknitz, Schlesienring 1, 23569 Lübeck. You can find more information in the paragraph describing the NOMAM 2013. Only difference was the entry fee. It was lowered to € 5,-. But it still included breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

Top row, left to right: Mike P., u0679, Zaxxon-HH, Bunsen, Fratsengeballer, skr, 1NG, tf_hh (green shirt).
Second row, left to right: Anke, Alexandra, dl7ukk, HARdwareDoc, 8bitjunkie, Wizard, Mathy, Sleepy, montezuma, BigBen.
Third row, left to right: ArcadeStation, Arteju, Yellow_Man and one of his dogs, seaman, Cash.

The H.A.T.Z. XIV

Unfortunately, R.I.K. didn't have time this year to organize a H.A.T.Z.

The Fujiama 2014

The Fujiama 2014 was held from August 21th until the 24th. This year, the Fujiama started a day earlier then previous years. Meaning the Schützenhaus was opened at midnight from Wednesday on Thursday, not Thursday on Friday!

Left to right: Artax, Insane, Mathy, jantari, Yellow_Man, Yellow_Dog One, Dietrich, 8bitjunkie, Beetle, Mrs. Beetle, 1NG, HARdwareDoc, flowerking, Anke, thorsten_guenther, dl7ukk, Mr.V, FloppyDoc, Lucky, atarixle, BigBen, Maniac.

The picture was taken on sunday morning, because we forgot to take one on saturday. Oops!

Not in the picture: Uncle Harry, Cas, Sabine (cas' wife), Zaxxon-HH, Alphons K., pingusian, Alexandra (she took the picture this time), Montezuma, Montezuma's wife and Montezuma's daughter, Fandal, Krupkaj, PG/PseudoGrafx, Poison, Holgibo, skr, BOSS, Wizard, Bunsen, twh, black_byte, Yellow_Dog Two, atarixle's cat.

The NOMAM 2015

The NOMAM 2015 was held from Friday April 10th 12:00 o'clock (that's noon for you West-Atlanticians) until Sunday the 12th around 15:00 o'clock. Location was the same as last year and the year before, Dreifaltigkeits-Kirche Kücknitz, Schlesienring 1, 23569 Lübeck. You can find more information in the paragraph describing the NOMAM 2013. The entry fee was € 10,- and included breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

Left to right: skr (lotsa hair), Zaxxon_HH (a lot less hair), cash, Mathy, Bunsen, Sven1973, Sleepy, janatari, Fratzengeballer, Arcadestation, Supermario, FloppyDoc, u0679, Yellow_Man, Yellow_Dog, Lt. Dan. Not in the picture are Yellow_Man's other dog, who had died of old age and dl7ukk, who toke a short nap (Atari meeting = short nights) in his car. We only found out where he was shortly after we toke the group photo. 8BitJunkie and 1NG aren't in the picture either, I have no clue why.

The H.A.T.Z. XV

This years H.A.T.Z. was held from the 12th until the 14th of June. We started at 12:00 o'clock ("noon" for those living to the east of the pacific ocean). Location was the same as in 2012.

Left to right: Mathy, R.I.K., 8bitjunkie, R.I.K.'s oldest son, Tron04, Sleepy, FloppyDoc, Naffcon. Way at the bottom, R.I.K.'s youngest son.
Not in the picture for various reasons: Lucky, powersoft, tomsmart and kids, tww, Mieke, Jan and Lady Kelly (who toke the picture).

You'll find more picture here.

The Fujiama 2015

The Fujiama 2015 was held from the 6th until the 9th of August 2015 at the same location as always. It started, like last year, at midnight from wednesday on thursday and therefore lasted four days. Which again proved to be a good thing.

Left to right: BigBen, Mathy, Bohdan, Zdenek B., Lucky, dl7ukk, Alphons K., 8bitjunkie, Wizard, HARdwareDoc, (The) Montezuma, FloppyDoc, Luca, R.I.K., Uncle Harry, Zaxxon-HH, Mr. Waseo, JAC!, mp-one, Yellow_Dog, Yellow_Man, Norbert K., PseudoGrafix (with sunglasses), Artax, 1NG, Sleepy, Poison, Wolfgang, Matti1104, Beetle, Mr.V., Lea (f.k.a. SkateGirl), Deyta, atarixle, fatboy_01, Holgibo, Speak, Insane.

Not in the picture for various reasons: GoodbyteXL and his wife, Anderson, Anke, Dietrich, Marga, Cash, his wife and kids.

The NOMAM 2016

The NOMAM 2016 was held from Friday April 1st 12:00 o'clock (that's noon for you West-Atlanticians) until Sunday the 3th around 15:00 o'clock. Location was the same as it was the last three years, Dreifaltigkeits-Kirche Kücknitz, Schlesienring 1, 23569 Lübeck. You can find more information in the paragraph describing the NOMAM 2013.

I myself did not be attending this year, as April 1st is my fathers birthday.

The H.A.T.Z. XVI

This years H.A.T.Z. was held from the 10th until the 12th of June. We started at 12:00 o'clock ("noon" for those living to the east of the pacific ocean). Location was the same as in 2012.

Left to right: Sleepy, Lucky, JAC!, Uncle Harry, Artax, Tigerduck, Mathy, Lady Kelly, FloppyDoc, Wizard and R.I.K.
Not in the picture: tomsmart, who had to leave early and both sons of Lady Kelly and R.I.K., who were doing what kids do best: playing around.

The Fujiama 2016

The Fujiama 2016 toke place from August 11th until August 14th.

Left to right: atarixle, Beetle, Insane, Zaxxon-HH, Deyta, Alexandra, dl7ukk, Anke, Ektus, 8bitjunkie, Wizard, Wizard's wife, Uncle Harry, HARdwareDoc, 1NG, Norbert, Yellow_Man and Yellow_Dog, Mathy, PseudoGrafx, Zdenek B., Poison, Maniac, Luckybuck, FloppyDoc, R.I.K., Wolfgang, raZen, Bunsen, Dietrich, Udo W., Mr. V., BigBen, Bohdan

Not in the picture this time: Lucky, black_byte, GoodbyteXL

Haven't proofread the names yet, I'll do that some other time.

The NOMAM 2017

The NOMAM 2017 took place from Friday April 21st 12:00 o'clock (that's noon for you West-Atlanticians) until Sunday the 23th around 15:00 o'clock. Location was the same as it was the last couple of years, Dreifaltigkeits-Kirche Kücknitz, Schlesienring 1, 23569 Lübeck. You can find more information in the paragraph describing the NOMAM 2013.

Left to right: FloppyDoc, ??, ??, Bunsen, u0679, 1ING, 8bitjunkie (in the RENO T-shirt), Alexandra's friend, dl7ukk, Alexandra, Anke, ??, Supermario, ??, tfhh, Mathy, Dietrich, BigBen.
Bottom row, left to right: Cash, Yellow_Man, Yellow_Dog, zaxxon_hh, Colin H., skr.

Not in the picture: 8bitjunkie's girlfriend (she took the picture) and Sleepy.


The H.A.T.Z. XVII took place from the 25th of May until the 28th of May. This year some of us already started on Thursday.

Left to right: Luckybuck, tomsmart, a friend of R.I.K.'s oldest son, Sleepy, R.I.K.'s oldest son, tomsmart's son, Lady Kelly (R.I.K.'s wife), Mathy, R.I.K.'s youngest son, Wizard, FloppyDoc, R.I.K.

Not in the picture: Artax, he left the day before.

BTW if you think part of the grill looks like it came from a washing machine, you're right. It did.

The Fujiama 2017

The Fujiama 2017 will take place from August 17th until August 20th. As always at the location mentioned below. Starting at midnight from Wednesday on Thursday and ending sometime on Sunday. Usually too early. :-(

The Fujiama is always held at the Schützenhaus, Schützenhausweg 11, 08485 Lengenfeld, Germany.

Show larger map

The red dot shows the front entrance. But we usually use the back entrance, since the other grey "thing" perpendicular to the Schützenhaus is the big parking lot.

See you at the next Atari 8 bit meeting.

More information will be added later.

A word of thanks

On behalf of all the visitors of the above mentioned meetings, I'll like to thank the owners of the locations for allowing us to use their buildings. Especially the Lengenfelder Carnavalsclub, the Dreifaltigkeits-Kirche Kücknitz and the city of Hochstetten-Dhaun.

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