Howdy folks

This is a list of bugs Lee and me have found and features we'ld like to be added to MyDOS. If you know bugs that are not mentioned here, or know of a feature you'ld like to be added, please contact me at my new E-mail address.

Starting point will be MyDOS versions 4.5x. This means some bugs might not appear in some existing versions and some features might already be available in some existing version.

BTW that does not mean all features (mentioned here or in response to this list) will be added. The MyDOS V cart would be nice, but is not likely to become reality.

- Note/Point bug. This one might not exist.
- /X bug. If you copy a file and use two names (same drive number), MyDOS assumes you don't wanna swap disks. /X should fix this. It doesn't.
- If you have changed the default directory, and then press RESET, only the drive number will remain. The subdirectory name will be lost.
- Append bug. Append often doesn't work if you're using a filename without extender and don't end the filename with a period.
- Changing extension bug I. Sometimes when saving a file, the extender get's changed/added.
- Changing extension bug II. Sometimes, if you don't enter a period to separate an 8 character filename from the extender (you don't have to), the 9th character is dropped and the last two move to the left.
- Under certain circumstances, if a file isn't found no error is reported.
- The FILENAME.ARx system for autorunning files should stay.
- The minimum number of digits used in the sector count should be toggleable. This eliminates the need for two versions as in MyDOS 4.53 (/3,/4).
- XIO 40 is much slower then XIO 39. It's basically the same command. XIO 40 was added by Bob Puff for compatibility reasons (SpartaDOS uses XIO 40). But XIO 39 is about 3 times faster then XIO 40.
- If a file already exists, MyDOS overwrites the file. We need a prompt that gives us a choice between overwrite, rename, change path or quit. To stay compatible with software already written, this new prompt should only appear while using DUP.SYS.
- If an illegal character is used, this should be mentioned. On copy from for instance PC disk (via BBXFER) or a file created using Sparta, we should have a choice to rename.
- Show verify status on screen (either inverse "V" or "ON" and "OFF").
- It should be possible to rename directories.
- We need a 'move file entry to different directory' feature that only moves the directory entry and not the actuel file.
- MyDOS detects RAMdisk size (even Newell and mine) just fine, then masks out bits and screws things up. This should be fixed. This also fixes the fact that MyDOS on some RAMdisks uses different page sequences depending on whether the computer was booted with or without BASIC.
- When switching BASIC ON under UltraSpeedplus OS (and probably others too) and using SpartaDOS everything goes well. Under MyDOS you may need to enter NEW. Your computer might even lock up completely.
- AXLON support should be improved.
- Add double density support to RAMdisk handler. DD is only possible if the RAMdisk is large enough (atleast 6 banks).
- The MEM.SAV routine doesn't work as it should be.
- We need a way to go around the 64 filename limit.
- Time and Date stamping in the upper half of DD directory sectors.
- MyDOS V cartridge. There is a SpartaDOS X cartridge, why not a MyDOS V cartridge? Video61's MyDOS cartridge doesn't count as it is not a real smart cartridge. V because it would be version 5.
- On screen only directory sort (toggle feature).
- Set up RAMdisk as default drive should be a toggle feature.
- Support for "D10:" through "D15:".
- If bad sectors are found during formatting, MyDOS should mention so. To prevent them from being used anyhow and to prevent that VTOCFIX clears these sectors, a bogus file e.g. BAD_SECT.ORS should be created.
- Automatic high speed enable on XF551's and upgraded 1050's. There would be a 'UltraSpeed sector skew?' prompt when formatting.
- Pressing 'B' while BASIC is disabled could enable BASIC. After leaving BASIC it would be turned back off again. Do we want that?
- Go back one subdirectory in the path.
- MyDOS should check if a disk isn't changed. For instance if I select a subdirectory and then swap the disk/partition, MyDOS just places the file where it THINKS the subdirectory is. If you're lucky, this space is empty, if you're not, existing files are overwritten.
- While using wildcards when copying, MyDOS only fills in some of the wildcards. There should be an option do fill all of them in.
- We need a 'forced' RAMdisk format feature. At the moment MyRD(2) auto detects if a RAMdisk is present. If it sees that MyRD(2) has already set up a RAMdisk, MyRD(2) does nothing. Forced RAMdisk formatting would be nice to eliminate the need to power cycle a locked up RAMdisk/computer.
- With Sparta you can copy 'DOS' like any other file. Then you enter BOOT and your disk is turned into a boot disk. Maybe we can have the same for MyDOS. Either incorporated into MyDOS or as a stand alone file.
- Auto cartridge detect. On detect, MEM.SAV will be enabled.
- The use of wildcards during copying should never result in two file entries with the same name.
- Rename without wildcards should only rename ONE file, even if it finds the same filename twice.
- If you use wildcards when copying, or just specify drive numbers, MyDOS will skip subdirectories. It would be nice if we had an option to include them.

The 16MB barrier will not be broken. That would require a big rewrite.

Since formatting could easily be done by a separate utility - and most PBI hardware comes with special formatting routines - features concerning formatting will not be considered.

OK, let's hear it folks. Do you like these features? Do you want them? Do you need them? Are there other features you want/need/like? Please tell us. But please think about what you want and why?

CU                Mathy van Nisselroy

If a bug or feature is printed in the following colors that means:
- bug does not exist
- bug has been fixed/feature has been added