This is what my desk looks like after I clean it up.

my desk

The minitower, see below for a look inside, contains my CD-ROM, two 3.5" and one 5.25" (taken from an XF551 suffering from XF551 blues) and my 80MB hard drive. On the top is my ZIPdrive and my SupraFaxModem V32bis (the thingie on top of my modem is a phone, if you look real close you can even see the mike/earpiece thingie). The small speakers are for testing the CD audio player utility. Below the speakers are a dual drive 3.5" (by CSS) converted XF551, and two of my 1050's. The 3.5" resides in the case where the 5.25" drive in the tower once was. Under the desk you can see my 'automatic two computer interface" (to the left of the printer). The Atari on the left is a 65XE (european model) upgraded to 128kb and to the far right is the infamous 1MB XEGS.

And this is what my mini tower looks like on the inside.

the inside of my tower

Below the switching power supply, you see the SCSI connector I attached to the back of the tower. It is connected on the outside to my ZIPdrive and on the inside, via my homemade (thanks to the IOMEGA ZIPdrive FAQ) convertor cable, to the multicolored SCSI cable. The SCSI cable is also connected to my IBM WDS-380 80MB hard drive (on the bottom of the slotted bracket on the right) and my Pioneer DR-506S (or was it the DR-U06S. The only difference between the two is that the bulk version comes with only one button, while the version that is sold separately has two buttons) CD-ROM player. Above the hard drive, you see two 3.5" floppy drive mechs. Above those is my CD-ROM player. And above that you'll find the 5.25" floppy drive mech I removed from my second XF551. It had the XF551 blues (read: the connectors weren't doing there job reliably). All floppy mechs are connected, via the grey flat cable, to the BlackBox. The thin grey cable in the front connects the CD-ROM to the RCA/cinch/tulip jacks on the back of the mini tower. From there the music travels to my stereo.

The black things that look like the famous ATARI bricks, in reality ARE the famous ATARI bricks. I hide them in the mini tower. It saves space. In the future (especially if I can find out before hand if the switching power supply can handle the extra load) I might install a couple of power jacks in the back of the tower, so that I can leave out the bricks for the computers. I'm not gonna connect my switching power supply to my (external) XF551 or 1050's. But if somebody knows how I can upgrade the power handling stuff INSIDE my XF551 or my 1050, I'ld love to upgrade these drives internally.